Digital Dimensions & Beyond


Monthly Slideshow

Towards the end of each meeting, a slideshow of member work is shown to the group. We would love for you to take part in it...after all this is a photography club and you should show off what you have been doing.


Please limit your submissions to 5 images. We hope that most members will submit images and we feel that 5 is a good amount to keep time down to a minimum and keep the slideshow interesting and stimulating. Please also be prepared to share some technical data with us if you feel it is important to your image (ie. shutter speed, aperture, lens used) and why you feel the image has impact and is enjoyable.


If you would like a critique of your images, please let everyone know when it's your turn to talk.


You can also bring prints to share with the group. Just show us what you've been doing.


Image submission guidelines


  • Images should be submitted via email by midnight on the Wednesday that falls just before the meeting. We cannot accept images at the meeting.
  • Submissions should be limited to 5 images per month per person. If you are submitting images for more than one member, please submit separate files or name images so it's clear who took them.
  • For best quality please send images are 1920 pixels wide / 1200 pixels high. This matches the resolution of our projector. Smaller images will not fill the screen. Information on exporting from Lightroom is provided below.
  • Please submit images as JPG format in high quality (Photoshop level 10, 90% for other programs).
  • We request that you leave EXIF info on your submitted files as this provides useful information about how the photo was taken. This info can be viewed in our new gallery.
  • Inclusion of GPS tagging info is encouraged. The web gallery will plot images on a map so we can see where members are shooting. Please remove GPS info or set it to a generic city center for images where privacy could be a concern (homes, schools, work, etc.).


Please send your images to before midnight on the Wednesday before the meeting.


Important Notice Regarding Submissions


Images submitted will be added to the member gallery on the Digital Dimensions website unless you inform us that you do not wish to have them posted.


Images are protected from saving but please be aware this would not stop someone from taking a screen print.

Formatting Images for the Slideshow


These guides will help you save and resize your images correctly for the member slideshow. If your software isn't covered here, the information below should be enough to help you get the right settings.


No matter what software you are using, images should be sized to fit in a 1920x1200 resolution "box". Any smaller than this and images won't fill the screen during the presentation. Larger images are unnecessary. They won't look better and take longer to download when preparing the slides for the meeting.



If you need help getting started, you can download this file. Save it to your desktop, unzip the file archive and import it in Lightroom:Digital Dimensions Slideshow Export Template. There is a README file in the .ZIP archive with steps on how to import the file into Lightroom.


These are the settings that apply to image size and quality in Lightroom when doing an Export.


  • File Settings: Controls the compression and quality of the image. 90% is a good setting for smaller sizes while maintaining quality. Use the SRGB colorspace. Other colorspaces may cause undesirable color shifts.


    Lightroom Export Settings-File Settings


  • Image Sizing: Sets boundaries on how large the image can be. Images larger than this will be made smaller. Images smaller than this will remain at their current size.


    Lightroom Export Settings-Image Sizing


  • Output Sharpening: Sharpens for screen presentation. I just use the defauls but you can change if you think your images don't need it or need more.


    Lightroom Export Settings-Output Sharpening


  • Metadata: Leaves information about the image in the .JPG file that is created such as shutter, aperture, ISO, etc. This information is added to the bottom of the image to be shown during the slideshow. You can choose to remove person or location info for privacy if needed. We are mainly concerned with the exposure metadata.


    Lightroom Export Settings-Metadata