Digital Dimensions & Beyond



One goal of Digital Dimensions is to help it's members find the tools to help them reach their full potential. To do that, we provide you with a list of vendors, manufacturers, reviews and various camera clubs. These are recommendations provided by members for our members!


Make the most of your time with your camera by having the equipment you need to take the best pictures.


Digital Dimensions can now be found on Facebook!


If you are a Facebook user you can post news about items that may be of interest to other club members and even post photos.  There is a discussion board available as well if you have questions or want to discuss other items.  The Digital Dimensions Facebook page can be found here. Please note that you don't need to be a Facebook user to view the page, only to post news and photos.


Add the Digital Dimensions Calendar to your own Google Calendar


You can view all the upcoming events, shooting themes and meeting topics in your own Google calendar.  This is the same calendar displayed on this web site.  To add the Digital Dimensions calendar please follow these steps.

    1) Open your Google Calendar

    2) In the "Other Calendars" section on the left side, click on Add.

    3) Click on "Add by URL" and cut and paste the following URL into the popup window.  If the line wraps be sure to select both lines.  It should begin with http and end with basic.ics

    4) Click "Add Calendar".


Please feel free to make suggestions if you utilize a tool we do not have listed.