Digital Dimensions & Beyond


Online Education

There are many resources for learning on-line.  Here are a few to get started.


ByThom-A very Nikon-centric site with reviews of Nikon cameras and lenses.  You can also buy eBooks on learning your Nikon camera inside and out.


Luminescent Photo-Ebooks by Jason Odell about software for processing your images.  You can also find information about on-line and in-person classes for using Photoshop and Lightroom to enhance your images. Use code ANDY15 to save 15% on purchases. Photoshop.


NAPP-National Association of Photoshop Users.  Lot's of educational videos and how-tos.  There is a charge for membership but the membership provides a lot of benefits such as the Photoshop User magazine, free shipping from B&H and discounts on Photoshop software.


Web Photo School-Videos covering studio photography, lighting tips and techniques, camera basics and auction and small business photography.


YouTube-Search for what you are looking for and there's bound to be a video for it from sensor cleaning to studio lighting to learning how to use a histogram.


Please feel free to make suggestions if you utilize a site we do not have listed.